Valdorian Calendar

Since 1021 VA, Elweir has used the Valdorian Calendar to measure the weeks and months.

The Valdorian calendar is based on the solar cycle and has twelve months, each ranging from 28 to 31 days. The calendar is taken from the Drindrish, those sorcerous overseers of the inhabitants of Valdoria who held mankind as their slaves a millennia ago, and depends on advanced calculations impossible for astrologers of today to understand. Because of this, Heir’s Month has 29 days every four or eight years, the actual year dictated by the star-charts seized long ago from the inhuman tyrants. The Valdorian year begins in the dead of winter.

The twelve Valdorian months are named after the first twelve emperors of Valdoria and serve as a mnemonic device to remind each Valdorian of the empire’s early history. The months chart the first three and half centuries of Valdoria’s empire – from the days when Valdor the Founder led the uprising against the tyrannical Drindrish, through the early emperors who expanded the empire, then finally the illegitimate emperors who usurped the throne, until that family was put to the sword by Alrich the True Emperor and he returned Valdoria to greatness.

A Valdorian week has seven days. Each of the days is named after one of the seven The Old Gods. The first day of the week is Pythos Day – the rest in order, are as follows: Erebos Day, Anyu Day, Kypris Day, Poteidan Day, Enodia Day and Aides Day.

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Valdorian Calendar

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